Time to eat!

Your restaurant in MixCity
Spaces for rent from 200m² to 600m².

Office space

Office space
For rent from 300m² to 2000m².

Logistics hub

Warehouse and storage space
For rent from 300m² to 4500m².

Crafts & Industry

Workshops and production areas
For rent from 300m² to 3400m².

Sport and leisure

Sports and leisure facilities
For rent from 300m² to 5700m².



A building designed for its users

This innovative, multi-purpose project promotes the "productive city".
It places the user at the heart of our concerns.

You are always supported in the design of your space.
The flexibility of the space offers many possible configurations.

A word from the architect

"The volumetric concept of MixCity creates new spaces that connect the building to the different ways of soft mobility, while guaranteeing secure and efficient logistical access. The façade, punctuated by wooden sunshades, unifies the structure to give a harmonious and contemporary image of a productive building in the city."

Samuel Odic, Associate Architect SIA REG

Sustainable construction

MixCity takes up this challenge

The green conception is about reducing the impact of a building on the environment. 

For MixCity, environmental efficiency is a priority; elements made of recycled plastic, recycled concrete, wood covering, geothermal probe, photovoltaic panels, eco-domotic and rainwater recovery. 

Our Goal : MINERGIE certification !

The urban rooftop farm is a true production tool and the first model of its kind in the area with a professional market gardener. 

The green roof also helps to reduce heat islands and retain rainwater.

The spaces

11'700m² of modular and flexible space

MixCity's ambition is to offer surfaces that can be adapted to all your activities:

  • Office space from 300m² to 2'000m².
  • Retail from 300m² up to 600m².
  • 200m² to 600m² restaurant
  • Workshop/Production from 300m² to 3'400m².
  • Logistics from 300m² to 4'500m².
  • Sports and leisure from 300m² to 5'700m².
  • Warehouses from 300m² to 3'500m².


  • Mix of users in a synergistic environment
  • First-class accessibility
  • Three levels accessible directly by commercial delivery lorries
  • Three loading docks for all types of vehicles
  • Levels served by two 3- and 4-ton freight elevators and two passenger elevators
  • Common areas and shared services to rationalize operating costs
  • Restaurant, terrace and attractive green outdoors for the users' convenience
cutting plan



Come and join the MixCity environment

Located in Renens, MixCity is less than 5km from the center of Lausanne and 5 minutes from the A1 highway. Your future address will also be served by the Bus à Haut de Niveau de Service (BHNS ) Lausanne - Bussigny by the end of 2024.

Avenue des Baumettes 21 - 1020 Renens 

A fast growing area

MixCity is located in a quality environment in the West of Lausanne, which is experiencing a fast and dynamic transformation. This region will soon be one of the most important axes between Lausanne and Geneva.

Many projects are ongoing in the close surroundings of MixCity such as; Ley Outre Est and Ouest with a potential of 1'600 residents and 1'100 jobs (source: commune of Crissier Urbanism projects | Commune de Crissier)




We are proud to announce the signing of a lease with Légumes Perchés to operate Switzerland's first rooftop urban farm.

Thanks to Légumes Perchés, which promotes urban agriculture, MixCity will have a positive impact on the promotion of biodiversity and the reduction of heat islands, the valorization of resources and the circular economy, as well as short-circuit organic production. Légumes Perchés will supply fresh, local produce, contributing to a healthy, sustainable diet.
Its director, Thomas Verduyn, sees the future farm as "a way of raising awareness and connecting citizens to nature and local food", and workshops will be organized for local schools.

Supermarket chain Lidl shows its interest by signing a lease for 1,734 m² in the MixCity project.

With its ideal location and easy access, MixCity has won over one of the world's leading supermarket chains: German supermarket chain Lidl.

The Lidl Group is present in 32 countries with 11,550 stores and 341,000 employees. In Switzerland, Lidl currently has 169 branches and continues to expand with around ten new stores a year. The team dedicated to developing and establishing the Lidl brand in Switzerland recently signed a long-term lease for a surface area of over 1,700, thus ensuring the presence of a key player in the supermarket sector in the MixCity Renens project.

Groundbreaking - June 29, 2023

The groundbreaking ceremony for MixCity - Renens took place on June 29, marking the start of a new era in urban construction!

Various personalities and players in the project shared their passion and pride through inspiring speeches on the challenges and promises of Mixcity.

Deconstruction phase underway - June 2023

Deconstruction of the old building is underway. Click on the button below to watch the video. Delivery of the new building is scheduled for 2025.

Building permit granted - December 2022

Permit in force for MixCity - Renens!

This project development has taken a major step forward and we would like to thank all those who contributed to its success!
In view of the intrinsic quality of the project, its DNA definitively oriented towards sustainable construction and the benefits it brings to the residents of Renens, Steiner SA was able to convince and take this decisive step!

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